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Erin Cell | ErinCell.Kred

CEO of Socially Powered. Producer of the BadCrypto Podcast and Virtual Blockchain Week.

Lou Kerner | Lou.Kred

Founder of CryptoMondays - Global network of virtual and in-person Meetups with 15k+ members.

Fagner Lordello | Fagner.Kred

Virtual Event Concierge at Kred, providing white glove onboarding and support.

Angela Maiers | AngelaMaiers.Kred

Keynote speaker famed for her live and virtual innovation events with schools, organizations, businesses and communities.

Joel Comm | Joel.Kred

New York Times Best-selling author of 14 books, keynote speaker, social media strategist & live video marketing expert.


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Creating Culture for Remote Teams

By Startup Week

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Share your Smart-Invite

  • Your Smart-Invite carries your best preview content
  • The Influencer CRM helps invite relevant Participants
  • Invitees trade Smart-Invites with friends

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Creating Culture for Remote Teams

By Startup Week

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  #1 - Mark

  #2 - Peter

  #3 - Vennila

  #4 - Jessica

  #5 - Catherine

  #6 - Louise

  #7 - Phillip

  #8 - Joel

  #9 - Fagner

  #10 - Cameron


Viewers become Participants

  • A Participation Leaderboard drives engagement
  • Participants present and share questions with the hosts and community
  • The most upvoted questions float to the top

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Creating Culture for Remote Teams

By Startup Week

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Evergreen Engagement

  • Your Zoom recording is registered and securely stored in the cloud - Ongoing access is provided to Smart-Invite holders
  • Event engagement (chats, videos, connections) are all tracked and carried with the Smart-Invite forever
  • Smart-Invite holders trade access with friends

Maximize Engagement with Digital Giveaways

Give your participants fun digital tokens that redeem for online and offline offers 

Gift Cards

Redeemable with popular sites and apps.

Physical Giveaways

Redeemable on your site on online store.

Discount Vouchers

Link participants to a special deal.

Digital Downloads

Redeemable for a piece of exclusive content.

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