Drive Virtual Event
Attendee Engagement

With digital Giveaways

With digital Giveaways

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Drive Virtual Event Attendee Engagement with digital Giveaways

Create your Giveaways

Setup is easy

1. Choose from simple, interactive templates

Choose from flexible, interactive Giveaway Templates or create your own.

Invite event partners and sponsors to design Giveaways that help them spread their message.

Gift Cards

Redeemable with popular sites and apps.

Physical Giveaways

Redeemable on your site on online store.

Discount Vouchers

Link participants to a special deal.

Ticket Giveaways

Register for another upcoming event.

Digital Downloads

Redeemable for a piece of exclusive content.


Fun tokens to commemorate participation.

2. Distribute one by one or in a Bundle

  • Email

    Share a link to claim your Giveaway

  • SMS

    Share a link to claim your Giveaway

  • Zoom

    Announce a link to claim your Giveaway

  • QR Code

    Scan with a mobile device to claim

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Hide scannable QR Codes to be found

  • Twitter

    Reserve for a specific Twitter handle

  • Facebook

    Public link for any Friends to claim

  • Eth Wallet

    Send directly to an Ethereum wallet

3. Go pro with your own web app

Activate a Custom Theme on your own URL in minutes.

  • Upload Logo

    Upload your logo or mark to be displayed in your Theme and emails.

  • Select Color

    Set a color to match your branding - It will be used for buttons and more.

  • Connect URL

    Don't have one yet? Create a new .Kred domain at no additional charge!

  • Activate

    That's it! Your event's custom app is now live and ready to fill with tokens!

We're here to help

Get 1-on-1 support to set up your Giveaways, Theme, and Bundles with our Concierge Service.

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Gamify and engage

  • Leaderboards

    Put your most engaged attendees in the spotlight.

  • Progress Bars

    Track distribution and engagement of your Giveaway Bundle.

  • Rewards

    Share Giveaways with your most engaged attendees.

  • Badges

    Attendees earn Badges for engagement.

Connect Members in Global and Local Networks

CryptoMondays is a global network of city-by-city based weekly meetups. They use a custom branded Theme to connect members through:

  • Local and global Membership Cards, where holders can connect and engage
  • Weekly collectibles that convene attendees on a topic
  • Redeemable Member-Only offers, from supporting brands and service providers

Lou KernerLou Kerner - CryptoMondays Founder

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Indelible registration of Marriage Vows

Sam and Amanda are the first couple to have their guests digitally attest to their marriage vows on the blockchain. They used Kred Giveaways to:

  • Register and have guests attest to their marriage vows
  • Randomly allocate a digital "bouquet" to one lucky guest
  • Share fun, digital souvenirs of the day with their guests

Sam Cassatt and Amanda GuttermanSam Cassatt and Amanda Gutterman

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Engage Event Attendees

The world's leading blockchain event, Consensus, shares bundles of Giveaways from Sponsors that Attendees can trade and redeem, including:

  • Physical and digital redemptions from event Sponsors
  • Giveaways redeemable for complimentary tickets to future events
  • Giveaways that entitle the holder to engage a VIP Speaker in a 1-on-1 meeting

Peter BordesPeter Bordes - MD of Global Events at CoinDesk

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Reward your Customers

The Chamber of Digital Commerce celebrated their 5th Anniversary with fun, redeemable Giveaways, including:

  • Physical Giveaways, to be shipped following submission of a simple form
  • Giveaways redeemable for complimentary tickets to the DC Blockchain Summit
  • Giveaways that entitle the holder to discounts on Summit sponsorships

Perianne BoringPerianne Boring - Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

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